Quick-Start Ideas for Connecting Church and Home

When people hear that Bannockburn is about connecting church and home, they often assume that means we’re all about parenting classes and marriage seminars.  While those programs are GREAT and important, that’s not the substance of connecting church and home.  Our vision is bigger than that: it is about making sure that what people know of Jesus at church is the same as the Jesus they realy know at home.

If you are in church leadership, the way to make that happen can seem overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be!  It’s about choosing “little wins” to help people begin to naturally live out their faith in real life.  Consider trying one of these three “jump start” ideas right away:

  1. Home Discussion Guides: Offer a handout or section of your bulletin next Sunday featuring discussion questions related to the message.  Challenge every household to set aside that day to walk through the application of the Scriptural principles that were discussed.  Celebrate with those who did it the following week!
  2. “Man Huddles.” My friend Jim Weidmann challenges pastors to conclude the service every now and then with a “man huddle” down front – challenging the fathers to carry home a simple devotional tool for that week.  This provides excitement and “peer pressure” for your congregation.
  3. The “Nine Minute Challenge”: Ask every household in your church to pray for nine minutes of uninterrupted, media-free time together with everyone for nine straight weeks.  That may seem like a very low number, but we found this to be revolutionary in our church for many families.  And once they set aside nine minutes, they wanted more!

Take the first step today in connecting church and home.

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