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Chris Fabry Live

As you might imagine, by now I’ve talked about the walls people face – and my book about Walls – hundreds of times before live and radio audiences.  Yesterday was different.  On Chris Fabry’s excellent daily radio program on the Moody Network, we took live calls nationally from people who were facing real walls.  In several instances, you could almost feel the walls beginning to fall as we addressed the challenging issues they were facing.

What was different about this show?

– Chris Fabry is an incredible radio host.  As the host of a daily show myself, I know how challenging it is to come through in such a personal way to one’s listeners.  It has to, first and foremost, be genuine.  Chris’s willingness to share about his own walls – and his own assessment at – was a blessing to me and to many.

I was scheduled to do a brief interview at 2PM Central, but that morning I got an email from their production staff stating that Chris really sensed that God was leading him to carry the subject over into two hours – something he stated on the program that he rarely does.

– I hate to say, “You had to be there,” but if you were listening you could actually sense the HOly Spirit working in the lives of the callers in an extraordinary way.  And likewise, while there is no way to measure it, each call brought a sense that there were hundreds of other just like that caller who were receiving a special blessing by those testimonies.

Moments in ministry when you feel like God has taken over and said, “Step aside.  I have some important work to do, and I’ll take this from here,”  are extremely special.  Thanks to Him, and for Chris Fabry’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading, yesterday’s show was one of those moments.

As it turns out, you didn’t have to be there!  Chris puts all of his shows on podcast and you can check out Friday’s show by CLICKING HERE.

The Troubling Times in Israel… is Ezekiel 38 Happening Before Our Eyes?

The title of my message this Sunday is “All Eyes on Israel.” What is taking place right now in the Middle East has all appearances of a precursor to the events of Ezekiel 38 – a massive coalition that invades Israel, only to be defeated soundly by the Hebrew nation.

Joel Rosenberg has a remarkable blog about this today that demonstrates just how incredible the parallels really are – especially the unlikely involvment of Turkey.

What does this mean for us?  From a concern point of view, we should pray for Israel and its leaders, as well as our own.  If Israel is faced with war against everyone else, we want to be on the side of Israel.  As one listener to the Ryan Rush Show pointed out yesterday, this is certainly worth a call to your Senators and Congressmen.  Contact information to reach them is found here.

From a prophetic point of view, there is always reason for anticipation and excitement when prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes.  We don’t wish harm to anyone, but we are reminded that God’s promises are true.  If He keeps His promises in the midst of Middle East conflict, He most certainly keep His promises to you!

In the meantime, we trust, pray, and share the Good News…

An Opportunity to Influence the Austin City Council…

Austin City Councilman Bill Spelman announced earlier today his intention to propose a new code requiring Pregnancy Centers in town to post a sign at their entrance indicating that they do not perform abortions.  The argument is made that this is done in the interest of full disclosure.  After seeing the vehement comments that have already been posted at the announcement on, I fear we may miss the opportunity to  do something positive here.

Rather than automatically accusing the Councilman of an agenda to funnel women to abortion providers, why not respectfully request that the postings become effective for all pregnancy centers in town – regardless of position?  That would be just fine with me.  After all, it would remove the  accusations that NARAL has made that pro-life centers are trying to trick women into choosing life or adoption, and provide a new opportunity for abortion providers to step up and be forthcoming about their own intentions.  (By the way, I spoke with Councilman Spelman on the phone earlier, and he has agreed to call into the Ryan Rush Show on Tuesday or Wednesday and take your questions.)

Before you let the proposal ruin your weekend, I would recommend that you send a respectful email to Councilman Spelman – and perhaps the others on the Council – asking them to consider expanding the proposal to increase clarity for all women.  Something along these lines:

Dear Councilman Spelman,

Thank you for all of the work you do on behalf of our city.  I noticed today that you have submitted a proposal to the Council for a vote next week regarding signs at the city’s pregnancy centers who do not provide abortions.  As you have stated, the signs would not be inflammatory in nature, and are not intended to be divisive, but instead are intended to provide clarity.  Disclosure can certainly be a good thing – especially for those who are facing such a difficult situation.  I want to ask you and other members of the Council to make one adjustment.  Why not require such postings at all pregnancy centers, requiring clarity regarding their abortion services?  That way, a woman could know at the entrance exactly where that center stands.  A center that does provide abortions would have the same-sized signs stating simply, “This Center provides abortions or refers to abortion providers. This center also provide or refers to providers of U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved birth control drugs and medical devices.”

As a supporter of area Crisis Pregnancy Centers, I believe that this could help to further enhance everyone’s understanding of the variety of clinics in the city.  Thank you for your consideration of this proposal.

Respectfully Submitted,


You can reach Councilman Bill Spelman online at this link.   Before you get angry, consider the opportunity this may present.  Have a great weekend!

Ryan Rush Show on The Prosperity Gospel

Talking today on the radio show about the dangers – and difficulties – of the prosperity gospel.  John MacArthur has an interesting, if not polarizing, article on  Amazing how many people have called in with scars from being disappointed from false teaching.

Continue Reading…

Ryan Rush Show 3/12/2010

I don’t get to talk sports all the time, but every now and then, sports intersects with life, and it becomes show-worthy!  Today is such a day.  Houston Yates High School is ranked number one in the country, and they play tomorrow here in Austin for their second consecutive state 4A boys basketball championship.  Unfortunately, they have done so at the expense of good sportsmanship.  Read Rick Reilly’s ESPN commentary for the details:

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to have a lively discussion about Bullying in schools, Austin Police Chief Acevedo, and lots of legal questions for Terry Belt.  Thanks to all who called in!

Start your faith breakthrough now!
The spiritual barriers people face are countless, but they can be categorized into Eight Primary Walls. These walls correlate with the 8 primary breakthroughs that everyone needs.
1 of 48
I believe God is willing and able to answer my prayers.
2 of 48
People who have hurt me in the past cause me to avoid some relationships today.
3 of 48
I feel strong relationships are hard, but worth it.
4 of 48
I believe God loves me in spite of who I am.
5 of 48
I spend too much of my energy pursuing material things.
6 of 48
It troubles me that God has not answered my prayers.
7 of 48
People would describe me as a giving person.
8 of 48
I believe God wants what is best for me.
9 of 48
I observe things that make me wonder if I should believe the Bible.
10 of 48
I think God cares about the details of my life.
11 of 48
I have too many of my own problems to deal with the problems of others.
12 of 48
I am grateful for the things I have been given.
13 of 48
I believe truth is the same for everyone.
14 of 48
I am amazed at God's power.
15 of 48
I feel there is a disconnect between who I really am and how I act in front of other people.
16 of 48
I am confident God has forgiven me for my past.
17 of 48
I am intentionally seeking to grow in my relationships with others.
18 of 48
I find myself more focused on the things I don't have but wish I did.
19 of 48
It humbles me to think I can know God.
20 of 48
I find myself drawn to things I know are bad for me.
21 of 48
I am so busy that I find myself ignoring the most important things in my life.
22 of 48
I know a lot of people, but don't feel very close to many people.
23 of 48
I question why God allowed certain things to happen in my life.
24 of 48
I have witnessed things that make me wonder if God is in control.
25 of 48
I am willing to serve others for nothing in return.
26 of 48
I don't believe anyone can ever know what is absolutely true.
27 of 48
I feel compelled to make the world around me better.
28 of 48
I tend to expect the worst to happen.
29 of 48
I believe God is loving and kind.
30 of 48
I believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
31 of 48
The possibility of gaining a good friend is worth the risk.
32 of 48
I look forward to good things in my future.
33 of 48
I feel with God's help, I can face any situation.
34 of 48
I think that God will meet all my needs.
35 of 48
I have been wronged in the past in a way I cannot get over.
36 of 48
I feel I can turn to God for direction.
37 of 48
I worry that God is angry with me.
38 of 48
I try to avoid temptations that would bring me harm.
39 of 48
I have to guard against judging people when I learn they are dealing with tough circumstances.
40 of 48
When bad things happen, I feel like I am getting what I deserve.
41 of 48
I worry about the problems that the future holds.
42 of 48
When I am facing a difficult situation, I feel like I can solve problems on my own.
43 of 48
I have a hard time trusting people.
44 of 48
I am willing to sacrifice immediate gratification for something better down the road.
45 of 48
When bad things happen, I wonder if God can make things better.
46 of 48
I believe the Bible has answers for today's circumstances.
47 of 48
When looking back on my life, I tend to focus on all of the things I did wrong.
48 of 48
My faith practices are more about routine than relationship.
Great you have finished the evaluation.
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